1. I’m a little confused by your LLI photos and descriptions.

    Step 2 photo shows LEFT needle lifting second stitch below active stitch on right needle (the one that has just been knit); however directions are written: “Step 2: Insert your right needle from back to front underneath the second stitch below.”

    Step 4 photo shows lifted stitch being knit through the back loop; however directions are written: “Step 4: Knit it through the front loop (insert needle from right to left).”

    Please clarify.

    • Great question!

      I think the part that’s hitching you up is that Step 2 orients the stitch already twisted. Usually sts are oriented with the right leg in the front, but when you pick up the st it’s already oriented with the left leg in the front. So, you’re not knitting through the back loop.

      Does that make sense now?

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